Protecting Your Website and Apps from Hackers

Protecting Your Website and Apps from Hackers

Every single day, tens of thousands of websites and apps are attacked.

Why is this happening?
How concerned should you be?
What can be done?

Millions of devices are hacked. The main reason you don’t hear much about this is because it’s no longer news. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll think about it only after it happens to you. In the following article, we will explain the motivations for hack attacks, how they are carried out and how to develop your anti-hack security strategy. Download the full article and learn about:

Motivations Behind Attacks

  • Criminal profit (direct)
  • Criminal profit (indirect)

Malicious Competition

  • Public Impact or Spite

Why Are Sites Vulnerable?

  • The Modern Web Application Stack Is Complex – And Vulnerable
  • Your Stack Structure is Exposed
  • Resource Limitations
  • Insufficient Anti-Automation 

The Impact and Consequences of Hack Attacks

  • Data
  • Website
  • Loss of visitors and revenues
  • Fines and lawsuits
  • Risk and damage

Security Measures You Can Take to Protect Yourself

How to Choose a Hacker Protection Solution

  • Assess Risks and Assign Priorities Accordingly

Anchor Your Security Measures in a Cloud-based CDN

  • Integration
  • Quick deployment
Download the full article and learn how to secure your applications and websites
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